Kohlrabi 2/1-3/1 8/1-9/1
Potato 2/1-3/1 7/25-8/15
Beets 2/1-3/15 9/1-10/1
Carrot 2/1-3/15 8/15-10/1
Chard 2/1-3/15 8/1-9/15
Peas, English 2/1-3/15 9/1-10/1
Spinach 2/1-3/15 8/1-10/15
Turnip 2/1-3/15 8/20-10/15
Collards 2/1-4/1 8/1-9/15
Mustard 2/1-4/1 8/1-9/15
Radish 2/1-5/1 9/1-11/1
Br. Sprout Plants 2/10-3/15 8/20-9/15
Lettuce 2/10-3/15 9/1-10/1
Asparagus Crown 2/15-3/1  
Broccoli Plants 2/15-3/1 8/20-9/15
Cabbage Plants 2/15-3/1 8/20-9/15
Cauliflower Plants 2/15-3/1 8/20-9/15
Onion Plants 2/15-3/15  
Corn 3/15-5/1 8/1-8/15
Cucumber 3/15-5/1 8/1-8/15
Beans 3/20-5/1 8/1-9/1
Pepper Seed 3/20-5/1  
Squash, Sum 3/20-5/1 8/1-9/1
Squash, Winter 3/20-5/1 7/1-8/15
Watermelon 3/20-5/1 6/1-7/1
Tomato Seed 3/20-5/20  
Tomato Plants 3/25-5/1 7/1-8/1
Muskmelon 4/1-5/1 6/15-7/1
Pepper Plants 4/1-5/1 7/1-8/1
Pumpkin 4/1-5/1 6/1-7/15
Okra 4/1-6/1 7/15-8/15
Peas, Black-eyed 4/1-6/1 7/1-8/1
Eggplant Seed 4/10-5/1 6/15-7/1
Eggplant Plants 4/15-5/15 7/1-7/31

Collectively, Hanover Master Gardeners volunteer hundreds of thousands of hours to the Hanover County community, educating and assisting children and adults of all ages about the love of gardening. Additionally, we provide grants to Hanover County educators for agricultural projects in grades K-12.

As we spread the good word about how much fun the Hanover Master Gardener Association is, we invite new friends and faces to join the fold and reap the benefits of becoming a member. Once you have completed the Master Gardener Training Course (starting Jan of each year), we invite you! Get a cool name badge, HMG hat and gain the distiction of enhanced knowledge of our natural world.

The HMG Association invites and welcomes all Hanover Master Gardeners to join in the fun! The greatest benefit is in knowing you are supporting the organization that supports you and your community as a Master Gardener.

WINTER 2015 Home & Garden Series - Register here



The Spirits are “lively” at “Cedar Grove”

Halloween “Trick Or Treating” will begin at 7
October 31st and Nov 1st
8283 Silkwood Drive, Mechanicsville (746-7226)
People are just “dying” to get in . . .
The Witch of “Cedar Grove”

2015 Master Gardener Class Registration Information:

Starts with An Open House on October 22 at 6:30 pm at Hanover Parks and Recreation’s Meeting Room, 13015 Taylor Complex Lane, Ashland, VA 23005






Make sure you log your hours each month. It's very important to the mission of the Master Gardener program.

2014 Webinars - through 12/2/14

Join the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service for Science and Technology conservation webinars. Check back for updates to our webinar schedule.

Planned Conservation Webinars

The 2014 Hanover Master Gardener Speakers Bureau needs YOU!

As a Hanover Master Gardener or Intern, you may have expertise of interest to others in the community. If you would like to share that knowledge, contact Val Kish:

vkish@richmond.edu or

In 2014, The Hanover Master Gardener Association will award $500 grants in memory of Roddey Jones to Hanover County educators for agricultural projects in grades K-12.

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